Sewer Line Repair

sewer line repair

Common Sewer Line Problems:

Pipes can be damaged by shifting soil, freezing or settling and cause broken, cracked or collapsed pipe.
Corrosion can cause deterioration,breakage or a complete collapse of the line, thus prohibiting proper flow through the line.  Grease, soap, debris, or even a foreign object, can restrict or completely stop the proper flow through the line creating a blocked pipe.

Sometimes a pipe forms a "Belly". This term describes a sunken portion of pipe; this is frequently caused by soil conditions which allow sinking, thus creating a “belly” that collects waste, rather than allowing it to flow through freely.

Plants naturally seek moisture. When a tree or shrub root has broken into the sewer line, this will damage the sewer line, prevent proper flow and prevent effective cleaning of the line. Joe Plumber recommends using our state-of-the-art camera when regular cleaning methods prove unsuccessful to determine whether roots may be the cause of the problem.
If you are on a septic system, it is extremely important that you remove trees or bushes from the drain field area. If trees or bushes are allowed in the drain field area, they will eventually choke the drain pipes, preventing proper operation of the septic system. Even weeds and grass can have a detrimental effect on the system, due to roots.

If pipe joints leak because they were not properly sealed during installation, or if the seal between pipes has broken, sewer fluids will escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

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