Water Pipe Repair and Rerouting

leaking water pipe repair

Expert Water Pipe Repair

A burst water pipe can cause devastating problems for a homeowner, causing thousand of dollars in damaged property. The first thing to do when noticing a leak or suspecting a burst pipe is to turn off the main water supply to the home or property.

Some homeowners are comfortable repairing pipe leaks themselves. But there are many times when it is just not feasible. The location of the leak, the piping material, the extent of the damage, or even local building codes may require a professional to step in to make the repair.

Having a professional plumbing technician from Joe Plumber address your plumbing needs can save you a lot of money down the road. They’ve seen it all, and can offer you the best solution that will permanently fix the problem. They can even identify other issues that may have contributed to the problem or that may pose a risk in the future.

Joe Plumber can repair leaks or breakages in water supply lines, sewer lines, and appliance gas lines. We also offer alternative solutions to traditional plumbing methods. Call Joe Plumber today to find out how we can help with your pipe repairs.


Re-routing Your Water Pipes

Many times, home renovations or foundation problems may require you to re-route your water supply pipes. We have completed numerous pipe re-routes and can offer you expert advice on the best methods and materials.

Joe Plumber utilizes a flexible pipe material that can be run around obstacles or through walls, ceilings, and attic spaces. This pipe adapts well to temperature extremes – which is perfect for Texas homes which may be very hot during the summer and cold in the winter. Also, it doesn’t corrode or develop pin-hole leaks, and it is resistant to scaling and chlorine.

Please give us a call at 832-515-4250 to find out what options are available for your home. Joe Plumber is happy to serve you!