Yard Leaks

If you have a water leak in your yard, finding the source of the leak can be half the battle.

Sometimes water surfaces quite a distance from the actual leak. Other times, the water may not surface in a visible location at all! You may only know there is a leak because your water bills suddenly increase for no reason, or, you notice that the meter is running even when everything is turned completely off.

Causes of Yard Leaks

Most leaks occur where the pipe connects to the house or the shut-off valve in the yard. That’s the first place to check. And since the pipe between the two usually runs in a straight line, you can examine that area for soft or muddy spots or even a greener patch of grass.

Since there are several kinds of water supply pipe that have been used over the years, you’ll need to find out what was used in your yard to determine the best course of action. Some materials can be repaired, others are problematic and must be replaced entirely.

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