Water Softeners

Professional Water Softener Installation

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with high mineral (calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese) content. Hard water can cause a number of undesired effects in plumbing fixtures and appliances, including the buildup of scale and galvanic corrosion. It can also interfere with the action of soaps.

What Problems can Hard Water Cause?

Scale does not conduct heat well; therefore, it decreases your water heater’s efficiency. You may notice this whitish coating on your dishwasher, around your faucets – even in your tea kettle.

Galvanic corrosion: When two dissimilar metals are present, this forms a battery, which accelerates
corrosion. When two metals are present, one will be protected, and the other will be corroded.

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What is Water Softening?

Water softening is a process that reduces the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other ions in hard water. These “hardness ions” can be counteracted by introducing an ion-exchange resin, in which hardness ions are exchanged for sodium ions.


Benefits of Softened Water

The minerals in hard water stain clothing. Removing these minerals removes that “dingy” look. You may also realize up to 50% savings on soap products, including dishwasher and laundry detergents.

Pipes, appliances and fixtures will also benefit. Prior buildup of minerals may even be lessened.

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