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Holiday Plumbing Prep- Tips From Joe Plumber

When wrapping your Holiday gifts don’t forget to wrap your plumbing pipes! In addition to wrapping your plumbing pipes, you should also take other steps to avoid a plumbing emergency during the holidays. Avoid putting harmful items into the garbage disposal. This includes grease, oil, fats, animal bones, fruit peels, carrots, and other larger scraps of food that

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Freeze Preparations- Tips From Joe Plumber & The Red Cross

My Joe Plumber, located in The Woodlands, is your go-to source for an upcoming freeze. Joe Plumber has put together a new Holiday Preparation Package to help you prepare for the cold weather. This package includes inspection of your home faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, and hot water heater. In addition, Joe will wrap your pipes for free!  Learn

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