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What To Do If You Have a Noisy Water Heater-Tips From Joe Plumber

When your Water Heater begins to make noises, it can be scary. Loud Water Heaters are most often a sign of issues and should be checked by a professional, locally trusted, plumber. Typical Water Heater Noises Include: Popping Sounds are one of the most common sounds a water heater can make. When popping sounds occur, […]

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Meet Joe Castro- The Woodlands Local, Trusted Plumber

Hi, My Name Is Joe Castro, Owner Of Joe Plumber. I am The Woodlands own “Joe Plumber”.  I have 27 years of experience as a professional plumber serving The Woodlands, TX, and the surrounding areas. I have built a reputation for honest, fast, friendly, and affordable service. One thing that sets our company apart from […]

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The Main Reasons Why Water Pipes Burst

Water pipes may seem like some of the most durable, disaster-proof parts of a home. But even these strongholds have the potential to crack under pressure. If they do, serious damage could be caused to your home. If you’re a Texas homeowner or renter, luckily you don’t have to worry very much about your home’s […]

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How Do Whole-House Water Filtration Systems Work?

If you’re like most homeowners, the cleanliness of the drinking water in your home is of primary importance to you. Did you know, however, that even water that has been treated by local water filtration facilities can still contain contaminants? What’s In Your Drinking Water? It’s normal for the water from your local treatment facility […]

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