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Below are some of the most common summer plumbing problems that Joe Castro Plumbing sees in the local community.

Automatic Sprinkler System Problems-

Built-in sprinkler system heads will eventually break over time causing water waste, dead grass, and other issues. Make sure you are maintaining your sprinkler system by removing any old sprinkler heads that are showing signs of wear and tear. Joe Castro Plumbing can provide a sprinkler system inspection to help with this.

Air Conditioning Condensate Line Stoppages-

Signs of an AC Condensate Line stoppage include your sink filling up on its own with musty and moldy-smelling water. This happens debris mix with the water dripping from your AC coils.  Eliminate mold growth and water damage by calling Joe Castro Plumbing to inspect your Air Conditioning condensate line.

Sewer Line Backups-

Summer thunderstorms can cause the ground to be soaked with rain, potentially causing a sewer line breakage. In order to prevent water backup, Joe Castro Plumbing can install a drain plug in each drain.

Garbage Disposal Backup-
Having more guests over for summer BBQs and pool parties can lead to harmful foods being put down the drain. This includes cooking oil, watermelon, cornhusks from corn on the cob, greasy foods, fatty foods, and more.
Clogged Toilets-

Kids at home for the summer and summer get-togethers means more people flushing strange things down the toilet. Make sure to keep a plunger next to the toilet and teach your kiddos proper toilet etiquette. If you have a clogged toilet, Joe Castro Plumbing can help.

If you experience any of these common summer plumbing problems,  call Joe Castro Plumbing, located in The Woodlands.
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