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Holiday Preparation Drain Tips- Tips From Joe Plumber


The holiday season is officially here which means lots of time cooking in your kitchen. The holiday season also means a ton of extra garbage disposal usage.  Local plumber, Joe Castro, is here to help avoid a holiday drain disaster with these helpful tips on what not to put in your garbage disposal.  Items that should not be put down the garbage disposal include and could potentially cause problems include:

  1. Grease, Oil, and Fat- Although these items may be liquid when pouring down the drain, they will eventually harden causing a potential major block in your drain. In addition to hardening, grease oil and fat can also cause really stinky smells in your drain.
  2. Egg Shells- Egg Shell membranes can cause a ton of problems for your garbage disposal by getting wrapped around the grinder.
  3. Coffee Grounds- Coffee Grounds smell great but form a paste-like substance when taken out of the coffee filter. This paste-like coffee ground substance can lead to a nasty pile of sediment in your drain, potentially causing a drain disaster.
  4. Potato Peels- Similar to coffee grounds, potato peels can create a paste-like substance potentially causing major blockages down the road. This applies for other starchy vegetables as well.
  5. Stringy Fruits and Vegetables- Fruits and Vegetables such as onion, celery, and banana peels have stringy strands that can get wrapped around your disposal’s grinder, causing issues.
  6. Animal Bones- Want to increase the longevity of your garbage disposal mechanisms? Don’t put hard objects such as Animal Bones down the drain. These will drastically decrease the lifespan of your garbage disposal.
  7. Nuts and Shells- FYI, your garbage disposal is not a nut grinder. Mashing these items in your garbage disposal can be extremely damaging.
  8. Pasta, Rice, and Bread- All three of these items will expand once they hit the water, causing an easily clogged drain.
  9. Non-Food Materials- These non-food materials include plastic wrappers, paper towels, and anything else that is not biodegradable. Non-food materials should go in the trash can, not down your garbage disposal.

When preparing your home for the Holidays don’t forget to call Joe Plumber, located in The Woodlands, for all of your plumbing needs.
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