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The Main Reasons Why Water Pipes Burst

Water pipes may seem like some of the most durable, disaster-proof parts of a home. But even these strongholds have the potential to crack under pressure. If they do, serious damage could be caused to your home. If you’re a Texas homeowner or renter, luckily you don’t have to worry very much about your home’s water pipes breaking from the effects of freezing weather. Still, a few other conditions can cause pipes to burst. Here are 5 common examples:

Corrosion and Age in Water Pipes

Low or high pH levels in the water can cause damage to pipes and over time can result in their corrosion. Iron bacteria or sulphate bacteria can also be a cause of corrosion in water pipes. In addition, higher levels of sodium can make the water more conductive, leading to corrosion. Signs of damage can include oxidized, blue-hued copper and rust-tinted water flowing out of iron pipes, but corrosion is not always this easy to detect. If left unaddressed over a long period of time, a pipe could burst before you notice any obvious issues with it.

Debris and Sand in Your Pipes

Sand, dirt, and other debris can cause wear and tear to the pipes, weakening them and allowing corrosion to occur. As well, the presence of dissolved salts can cause corrosion, wearing out the pipes, while calcium and magnesium in “hard water” can cause scaling to form in them.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is caused when a high flow rate leads to physical corrosion and damage to a water pipe. Water hammer increases the pressure on the pipes, placing a lot of force on the system. Leaks and bursts are a common outcome.

Clogged Pipes

Corrosive water and calcium build-up in your system can cause pipes to become clogged, reducing or restricting the flow of water. Homeowners can make the mistake of thinking that clogs are not as serious as physical damage to a pipe, but failing to unclog a pipe or drain can result in a ruptured pipe.

Like water hammer, clogged pipes can cause pressure build-up with the system, forcing pipes to expand and then crack or explode. Scheduling routine maintenance or check-ups is a great way to avoid any seriously blocked up pipes before they become a problem.

Bad Plumbing Work

A misstep by an inattentive plumber could lead to a burst pipe down the road. Installing plumbing correctly requires precision, attention to detail, and experience. The best way to prevent human error-caused pipe ruptures is to ensure you hire a highly regarded plumbing service company for the job. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics is your best bet for installations in the San Antonio area. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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