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What To Do If You Have a Noisy Water Heater-Tips From Joe Plumber

When your Water Heater begins to make noises, it can be scary. Loud Water Heaters are most often a sign of issues and should be checked by a professional, locally trusted, plumber.

Typical Water Heater Noises Include:

Popping Sounds are one of the most common sounds a water heater can make. When popping sounds occur, it’s usually an indication that your water heater has an excess of mineral deposits and sediment at the bottom, especially for those houses that have hard water.

The buildup of gunk at the bottom may trap water beneath the sediment after a period of time.  At some point, the pressure from the steam bubbles will cause the water tank to explode if your model is older. Contact Joe Plumber to get your popping water heater inspected, to help prevent any major problems.

Screeching Sounds are typically a sign of water flow restriction. The most likely cause is the inlet control valve on the water heater being partially closed, preventing water flow. Contact Joe Plumber to get your screeching water heater inspected, to help prevent any major problems.

Crackling Sounds typically indicate condensation on the burner, if you have a gas-powered water heater. Crackling Sounds are typically just an annoyance, not a sign of anything wrong with your water heater. Contact Joe Plumber to get your crackling water heater inspected, to help prevent any major problems, and alleviate any further concern.

Sizzling Sounds typically indicate a leak inside of your water heater.  Water dripping from the burner will cause the sizzling sound.  Lack of hot water or water on the floor around your water heater will also indicate a leak has occurred. Contact Joe Plumber to get your sizzling water heater inspected, to help prevent any major problems.




If you notice your water heater is making any of these weird noises, call Joe Plumber, located in The Woodlands, TX today. Joe Plumber is currently offering FREE WATER HEATER INSPECTIONS. Contact Joe today by filling out the form below or by phone at (832) 515-4250 or (281) 323-4730!


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