My Joe Plumber, located in The Woodlands, is here to help you have clean, fresh, filtered water for your whole home. Below are a few reasons you should turn to locally owned Joe Plumber for a whole house water filter system.

Clean Water is Needed Throughout the Whole House-

Filtered water isn’t just for drinking. Think about all of the other things you do with water including brushing your teeth, taking a shower, bathing your kiddos, washing the dishes, and more. You deserve clean, filtered water for all of these activities. Joe Plumber can install a whole house water filter system and prevent contaminated water from entering the home. 

Treated Water is Bad on Your Plumbing System-

One of the main things done to treat water and kill bacteria by your local MUD is using chlorine and chloramine. While these chemicals are helpful in cleaning water, they also wreck havoc on your plumbing pipes, leading to water contamination. This happens when the chlorine and chloramine break down your pipes causing them to sprinkle contaminates such as lead into your water.  Eliminate these harmful contaminants by having Joe Plumber install a whole house water filter system.